Why the Sense of Urgency is crucial when searching for a new job?

The Sense of Urgency – If you don’t get it then forget! This terminology is something I learned when I launched my business almost 20 years ago. When it comes to the world of looking for a job, hiring and recruiting,  sense of urgency is critical! I actually just had an incident that was so frustrating to me that I decided to cover this topic today.

When you’re searching for a job, at the end of the day, whether you like it or no, you’re not in control. Knowing that makes you more in control but understanding that should create a sense of urgency. When there is that one job that will give you a better satisfaction of work, better quality or life or whatever that is you’re searching for, there might be 50 to 100 people going for it. That means you have to put your best foot forward! And most important part of that is having a sense of urgency to this job opportunity!



What is “Sense of Urgency?”

If you contact the employer and you submit your Resume, and they call you at 11 o’clock and they leave you a message, you better respond them within the hour! Not tomorrow, or next week – but the same day! Employers like that! They want to feel like this is something you want, that it matters to you. And your actions show it! It’s about what you’re doing and how you’re responding. All these things are clues about who you are and most importantly how serious this job opening is to you!

So if a recruiter or employer is reaching out to you, I am not saying to answer “on the spot” –  especially if you don’t know who the call is from. But always return the phone call  by the end of the same business day. (FYI: corporate lingo for this is EOD – End of Day).

I remember I spoke with a candidate who hasn’t worked for few months. And she said  this to me: “I reached out to an agency and they did email me right away but I just got busy, I never circled back.”  Uhm – why would you waste your time and effort if you are not even going to circle back? If the recruiter or employer has circled back to you that means they are interested in you – so have a SENSE OF URGENCY and call them back by EOD!

Your effort matters

You have to put in the effort. Period. Always and forever. Employers are not chasing you! There are too many of “you ” (aka: the job seeker) coming to us. Of course if your Resume is a direct match to any opening, you better believe we will be contacting you immediately. But that means your effort has to show in kind and you need to circle right back to me asap!

Just the other day I had a candidate that my client (an employer with a live job opening) wanted to set up an interview.  But what did my candidate say? He said he’s swamped and he has tons of work to do before he’s leaving on a 10-day vacation. INCORRECT! The sense of urgency has to go to the new employer – not your current employer! If you’re getting back to the employer with “I’m busy, I don’t have time for this, I am going away so maybe when I come back, blah blah and blah” – why did you even start  your job search in the first place? It’s a total turn off when your effort is not in line with the process.  You show no sense of urgency and thus an employer will quickly move on to the next candidate for the job.

When you’re interviewing and applying for jobs, you’re going to have to take this seriously and professional. You have to take time off to go to the interviews. There is no way out of that.  If you’re not answering to our phone calls and emails, and if you’re not showing up for interviews, you’re going to lose out on this opportunity. This is a real shame!

It’s important to prioritize the new company

You have to place priority to the new company! You have to show them that you care more about them than you current firm. Obviously, you care about your current firm as well but your new possible employer doesn’t have to know that! You might think that your current employer will fire you if you don’t show up or miss something but it’s not going to happen. They need you! In a normal situation, you can always use excuses like doctor appointments and kids as to reasons for not coming in, or taking a day off, or coming in late.  You have to make the effort with the new company and it can get uncomfortable with your current firm – but so what! This is how it’s done.

Be careful and strategic when scheduling Interviews as you have to take some time off to interview! An applicant once asked me if he could go to an interview after work hours. NO! He definitely can’t. YOU have to make the effort. Remember, the manager at the firm also has to go home to his or her family. So have that sensitivity.

I also had a candidate who had an interview scheduled for 4:30pm and only left his house at 4pm. Of course he arrived at 4:50pm and was super late. Horrible! If you have an interview scheduled for 4:30pm then you arrive to the office lobby at 4pm. That means you park your car at 3:45pm. Get it? You give yourself plenty of time to leave early and get there early. Sense of urgency is critical!

My eCourse On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED! goes much deeper into all these important facets of the job hunting process – how to interview, how to have a sense of urgency, how to follow up and so much more!


What happens when there is no sense of urgency

Why would you want to burn a great job opportunity because of a lack of sense of urgency?  After all, it’s still all about you! Yes, the employer has a control but it’s still about you. By having a sense of urgency you can be on “super-speed” and be responsive to the employer or the recruiter. You have so much to gain and so little to lose!

In my online course “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!” I’m talking about all these things and so much more!  Make sure to check it out as those jobs are being posted every single day and every single minute. My eCourse will change the way you look for a job forever to check it out to take control of your job search and career.

Good luck and much success in your job hunt! I’ll see you next Monday right here!!!

Revi Goldwasser, Job Hunting Expert

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