Job Hunting Tip: Sense of Urgency

I know I have done a podcast on this very important subject, but I just can’t begin to stress and stress again how absolutely critical this concept is. Why is it that so many of you choose to be so very laid back and blasé about your job search? Don’t you value your time? Your effort? Your future growth and aspirations?


When you work so hard on your resume and send it out to a million places and finally get some calls backs to set up interviews – why the heck are you not running so fast to get that call and set up that interview?

Today someone told me that he’s unavailable until early June for interviews! Are you for real? It’s April 28th and you can’t interview for 5 weeks? Why are you even wasting your time and furthermore MY time? There is nothing more of a turnoff to an employer, hiring manager or recruiter when a job seeker behaves so laid back about his job search. Why are you sending out resumes NOW when you can’t even interview for 5 weeks?

Employers and hiring managers usually review resumes within a week or so of receipt. It goes pretty fast! So you better be on the same page as employers and HR when it comes to looking for a job. That means having a “sense of urgency”.  If you are not ready to interview well then don’t’ send out your resume!  Timing is critical and value of time is even more critical. So be sensitive to this and have a sense of urgency in your job search and don’t waste my time, his time and most importantly don’t waste YOUR time!


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