Do you want to be a Foreign Exchange Trader, Fixed Income Trader, Equity Trader?

Here’s what you need to know about this intoxicating and highly lucrative and exciting world of trading!

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Do you want to be a Foreign Exchange Trader, Fixed Income Trader, Equity Trader?

WallStreet ASIAIn all my years of recruitment and running my business Wall Street Personnel for 18 years It always amazed me that the one profession that every single person wanted to do and he was a Trader and many times the allure of the FX (foreign exchange) trading was even more appealing.

Bottom line whether it’s regular trading, being a stock trader, a bond or fixed-income trader or an FX (foreign exchange) trader there are some absolute things that you must have before you can even consider entering this intense and highly sought after marketplace.


Before we dive deeper, I can also share with you my honest opinion that just because a company won’t hire you as a Trader, does not mean you can’t still be a trader. Many professionals that I have worked with throughout my years in recruitment could never be hired by a company as a trader (due to the reasons below) but that did not stop them from trading!


There are a million ways you can now trade, even for a living. I would check out this amazing robot trading software where this platform provides tremendous value and resource to jump-start your own personal trading portfolio within the trading world. Click HERE to learn more.



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You need to have strong math skills. Math has to come naturally to you. If you are not good in math, trading will be very difficult, let alone FX trading which is even more complicated due to the exchange rates you constantly have to calculate. If you are naturally inclined with math and it comes easy to you then YES – trading is for you and you should seriously consider it as a career or part time or full time side hustle.


You need to be able to handle pressure. The markets move fast and when it comes to trading and your money being involved there is real pressure. If you are the kind of person that rises up to the occasion with the pot starts to boil, then trading is for you. If any type of pressure or stress makes you freeze in your tracks or run for the hills, then do not start your career as a trader.


The ability to focus on the task at hand and not get emotionally involved is also critical when it comes to the world of trading. You see it’s not just about the math or the numbers, it’s also about your personality and whether you can handle watching your money go up and down with the trading cycles.

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There is no doubt that any profession in the world of trading is exciting and can be very rewarding. If you can’t be a trader with a company then I strongly suggest you do a lot of your own self-education and research to learn all about it. In addition, there is an amazing software now that automate a lot of the thinking and research for you and take a lot of the manual and mundane tasks out of the equation and lets you focus on TRADING! CLICK HERE to check it out!

If this world of finance and trading and research and market movement and foreign exchange is for you then go for it! I would recommend this FOREX Software be part of your online education and software resources to help you succeed.




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