In the Podcast “Find a Job Like a Pro” episode #1 I’ve talked about Timing – When is the right time to search for a job?!

Believe it or not, there is an answer to this question. Just like in any industry, we have our peaks. For example, retail industry makes around 40% of their income around Christmas time, November, December. And just like that – there’s also a peak time for searching for a job! Read on to find out when is that!

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Why does the timing matter?

Because sometimes you are searching for a job in the wrong time of the yearly circle! That’s what makes you start thinking “Whats wrong with me? Why am not getting any job?” but it’s not you, it’s just the wrong timing! Obviously, your Resume and your Interview skills matter but it certainly has something to do with the timing as well.

The first quarter – it’s quiet

So we have January, February, March – which I call the first quarter – and what happens in this time is that firms are still kind of waking up, coming out of the Holidays, some firms are open, others are closed, firms are just making their first year decisions – what kind of positions will be open. At this time, there are not as many jobs out there, you’re not really seeing any positions. Sometimes there still are some jobs available but there’s no activity and you might not get the response. My suggestion: use this period of time to prepare!

– Review your Resume. Can you give it a facelift? What can make it stand out?
– Check out your LinkedIn profile and other social media.
– Make connections with your network and see if your friends have any open positions that they know about.

Looking for a job is not a pleasant experience. It is a lot of work, it’s hard and it’s really difficult! But there’s a reason why you’re searching for a change! Whether you just moved, you’re unhappy, you were fired or you just want to get back in the market – changes are hard and I’m here to make them easier for you!

March is when things start to happen

March is when – BAM! – everything opens up! People got their bonuses, divisions are approved, everyone is back in the game. All of a sudden you see action! Everything starts happening and we are busy!

That’s when you have all your information ready:
– Resume;
– Reviews;
– References;
– Background check

You have to be ready to work hard! Every Monday you should be working to get that new job, searching for new positions.

The second quarter is a tricky game

In the second quarter – April, May, June – we’re busy! In April everything’s great but what happens in May are few things. First of all, it’s Mother’s day, but the other thing that happens – graduations! After that – it’s time for Memorial weekend! And for us, it’s like 2-week celebration so it’s a low period again… Then it’s Father’s day. And that’s how this period sums up to 4-6 really low activity weeks when things drop.

I still encourage you to start looking because there are some things going on but the response rate might not be as good because the sense of urgency might not be there.

Take a rest in August but don’t miss September!

Surprisingly, July 4th is not as low activity time but the quiet period kicks in again at the end of the August. That’s when everyone goes back to school! People like to travel in August and a lot of management is away. It’s also Labor day weekend. This low period lasts from mid-August till mid-September.

But what happens then is explosive! Everything really takes off from mid-September. Companies know Рno one will want to leave later in a year, they start to push so they can fill their positions and hire people. Around 30% Р40% activity happens around this time.

But it’s not the best time to take on a new job! When you take a job so late in the year, you’re walking away from almost 8 months of work of bonus at your other firm. So it’s a serious consideration! Keep in mind that you might find another opportunity only around March. There’s no easy answer but there are many strategies on that! I also look through them on my e-course “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!”

In the middle of November, it’s – Zip! and Kaput!

That’s when celebration time starts and everything gets quiet again.

What happens here – out of the 12 month period we’re basically down to 6 solid months for a job search. That’s why you have to be extremely strategic, ready and ON! By just beating your competition, you will land more interviews and, hopefully, you’ll get that job offer!

That’s where I come in with my e-course “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!” were you’ll get more than 60 videos and worksheets, preparing you for your job search, upgrading your Resume, working on your Interview skills and so much more!

Take care and let’s meet next Monday!

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