It’s the time to stop talking if you want the job!

I just got off the phone with a job seeker now and was absolutely wiped out from him. Why? He would not stop talking. He went on and on and on and on! Come on! He actually didn’t even “hear” me asking him questions as he was so busy talking about his background and skill set and become so self-involved, it became impossible to continue with him.

It's the time to stop talking if you want the job!

I finally actually cut him off by saying, “John – stop talking right now!” – I think I said it twice! He finally stopped and I told him that after our discussion I flat out told him his biggest weakness – he talks too much!

Employers and recruiters have a very specific information they are trying to ascertain from you. You really have no idea what it is. Your goal during any call with a hiring manager is to be succinct and minimal in your information you provide. Let “THEM” lead the interview and discussion as they will ask you specific questions and then you will be able to dive right in to answer them with the information they are seeking. If you just go on and on and on and on – well – you will lose all hope in getting anywhere in the process.

Remember, we have lots of experience talking to job seekers all day and every day – so we get used to certain personalities, certain traits and certain behaviors. Those folks that “talk too much” are not good peers and employees. They are too self-absorbed and often don’t succeed. IF that is you, then listen up and focus on a “zipper” actually closing your lips! Talk less, listen more and you’ll see more progress in your job search.

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