Resume tips to get noticed

Are you struggling to get your Resume noticed? Are you searching for a new job but never heard back from the companies you’ve applied to? Maybe it’s time to review your Resume and make sure you’re following these 5 tips that will make your Resume more noticeable!

Before getting started, make sure to read these 3 Resume Writing Tips that will help you to get started!


5 tips that will make your Resume more noticeable

TRICK #1 Do not write an Objective

Do not write an Objective on your Resume.
An Objective limits you from being cross-referenced to other roles in the same company.
If you insist on writing an Objective, make it generic.

How to write a generic Objective?

A generic objective can be written like this:

To join a reputable and established company where I can contribute and add value while continuing to learn and grow from my fellow peers and managers.


Firms will look at the Objective first to see what it is you really want to do:

  • Being specific or detailed will rule you out from other roles;
  • It may even rule you out of the role you applied for.

Many write the job title of the role for which they are applying in their Objective statement and then forget to change it for the next role. This is a careless error and reflects poorly on you.



TRICK #2 Be mindful about your Education 

Education should always be included even if it’s been 20 years since you went to school. Be honest about your Education as firms can verify. Include all Licenses, Certifications, etc.

  • Education should be clearly outlined. Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Administration – June 2000, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
  • If you did not graduate be clear on this: attended San Diego State University for 3 years
  • Make a separate heading for Licenses and/or Certifications


SECRET #1: If you attend an Ivy League school then show it off. Put it at the top of your Resume. You can’t risk an employer not getting to it all the way at the bottom of your Resume.

SECRET #2: GPA 3.0 or higher then include it.

SECRET #3: If your Major GPA is higher than your overall then include that as well.



TRICK #3 Make sure to include your Computer Skills

In today’s current era this section is so very important. Don’t assume because everyone uses it, it’s redundant to include – it is not.

Recommend to divide into 3 sections:

  • Software (include standard such as Microsoft Office Suites, as well as propriety and 3rd parti vendors used within your sector)
  • Hardware
  • Programming


SECRET #1: Be as specific and detailed as possible, writing out acronyms and versions of the software you know and use.

SECRET #2: Recruiters and HR managers have access to Resume Databases where we put in specific keywords are the more likely we can find you.

Example: I need Wall Street Office (WSO) software version 7.2. When I research Resumes on any database platforms I will type in this exact keyword. If you have it on your Resume, then I will find you!


TRICK #4 Talk about your hobbies and languages you know

  • Language if you are fluent in a language then include it.
  • Hobbies/interests – skiing, favorite author, chess, skydiving – write it in there – tells me a little more about you.
  • Leadership and achievements – Olympic gold medalist is something you better include. Creating a new nonprofit group, Toastmaster, etc.
  • Volunteer – Habitat for Humanity, church/synagogue involvement, children, animals – whatever is your passion, include it.

DON’T INCLUDE things like gambling, going to bars and parties and hanging at the beach.


SECRET #1: This is the “holistic” part of your Resume where we get to learn about you as a person so don’t be shy but do be strategic with the information.

SECRET #2: Make sure you know the Language you have mentioned as you might have the interview with someone fluent in the language and they might test you – so watch out!

SECRET #3: If you state that you like a certain author then be prepared to talk about his books! 

SECRET #4: Ownership of this section is critical!

SECRET #5: Don’t date your accomplishments – just list them! 



TRICK #5 Make sure you have your References in place

Always include this Reference statement at the end of your Resume: References Available Upon Request.

Not including this reflects poorly on you and almost questions your ability to gain solid Refs.

It is a stanard line on the Resume that must be included. During an interview, firms may ask if you have References so you need to be prepared with this in advance not during or after the interview.


SECRET #1: Make sure to have at least 3 References ready to go.

SECRET #2: References are usually from past employers, ideally those with whom you liaised but best to provide former supervisors or managers as that’s what potential employers want.

SECRET #3: This is not the time to include friends – those references mean nothing.

SECRET #4: Confirm with your References that they will speak highly of your work performance and ethics prior to releasng their information to any potential employer.

SECRET #5: Always make sure your Refs are aware of any potential firm calling them and provide your Refs information as to the role and duties so they can focus on those skill sets and traits.

SECRET #6: Companies conduct References only once they are ready to hire you so you have plenty of time to prepare. Provide e-mail addresses and cell numbers of References to make it easy for potential employers to contact the Refs

BONUS Trick: Social Media

Do housekeeping on all Social Media outlets BEFORE you send out your Resume. LinkedIn is always checked to compare your Resume against your online profile. The two better match!

Any Blogs, Vlogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and anything else that may have pictures or articles that could reflect negatively on your candidacy must be edited or better yet deleted.

SECRET #1: Facebook has privacy settings so rever to that during your Job search.

SECRET #2: Write your name in quotes (“John Doe”) in Google and see what comes up about you.

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