Job Hunting Tip: What is the standard Resume length?

Writing a compelling Resume is an important part of a job search. But do you really know how much to include and what is the standard Resume length? Let’s learn!

Job Hunting Tip: What is the standard Resume length?

I have so many people asking me how long a Resume should be. Two pages, three pages – maybe even five pages.


Come on!  It’s one thing if you are in Engineering or IT and Computer Programming – yes – the Resume will be longer as there is so much detailed information to be incorporated. But for professional and corporate types of roles, my biggest advice is ONE PAGE! That’s it! Just one page.

Make your Resume:
–        Clean
–        Concise
–        Powerful
–        Strong
–        Direct

Don’t waste your “real estate space” with dated information from 20 years ago  – it’s not relevant so don’t include it.


Job Hunting Tip: Keep your Resume on one page – that’s it!

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