Proofread your job application: why it’s crucial

This episode of “Find Job Like a Pro” is about the concept of Proof or Poof: why you should always proofread your job application.

In my podcasts, I talk about the situations that have happened to me. One of the reasons why I launched my eCourse “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!” is because I run my own niche boutique shop called “Wall Street Personnel” that is a financial services recruitment firm that specializes in the LA markets and the things that I’ve seen and personally experienced is why I do this podcast and blog – you need to know what I know!! So let’s go!


Proof everything!

It’s impossible to show how important it is to proof. Proof everything! Proof your work! Proof your emails! Proof your resume! In my work when I find a talent, I handhold them like a baby through the entire process because any little mistake can backfire. And even today with all the technologies these mistakes are still made. In fact, I still make mistakes too as we are all human. But we must always be aware to check and check again.  But remember this carefully.. if you don’t proof then POOF  – you will lose out on an opportunity! 

Check, check and then check again!

When it comes to any form of written communication – job submission, resume, job postings online, networking on LinkedIn or with your peers and colleagues, articles you write or anything else – you have to be very careful. And you can’t be the only one that checks for those mistakes because you might not see them. In my eCourse “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!” I have a separate section for that as it’s very important. You won’t believe what mistakes are made!

The etiquette

A week ago I also talked about phone etiquette and how important it is to avoid certain things during a phone interview. Etiquette also comes to written and in-person etiquette. It’s called being professional. In today’s day and age, we’ve gone way too casual and it’s because of Emails, technology, texting, social media etc. All these slangs and sayings have popped up. Just the other day instead of writing “let me know” I wrote “lmk” to my client! See!! I even still make mistakes as well! That was no ok.  Of course, I know this person for a while now and got away with it, but honestly, it was not professional  With you, communicating this way to a new potential employer or recruiter or HR manager is an absolute mistake.  Always come in with your best foot forward!



Don’t let the casualness get to you

The other day a young gentleman – smart, has a bachelor’s degree, has done a lot of curricular activities, and plays chess – applied for an accounting position.  After the second round of interview he wanted to send a thank you note. I usually check the thank you notes from my candidates because mistakes can be made. Even in my eCourse “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!” I talk about the thank you notes because it’s important to send one after the interview.

This time I didn’t check his thank you note. Later on, the firm forwards me the Email and says that they will have to rethink his candidacy. He made two major mistakes. First, the casualness – he wrote “Hey” instead of “Dear Mr. xxx.”  Second, he didn’t double-check the name of the person he was writing to and instead of Dear John he wrote Dear Jason. 

So – poof – there went that opportunity! Just because of a careless error. Everything matters – the firms and employers are watching everything you do!


Double-checking is a must!

 This is one of the things I talk about in my eCourse, that you have to be careful and avoid making these avoidable mistakes. This is just one of the many things that require caution and carefulness. All of that effort put in to get a job – finding the job, the screening, going to the interview, the clothing, getting tested, spending all that time, talking to different people – can be ruined by not paying attention to small details. Poof! If you don’t proof – poof!


Your goal is to do your very best. If you don’t get that job it should be for one reason only – you are not qualified or don’t have the skill set. To not get a role due to a proofing or careless error is all on you!  And there’s no excuse for it. Proof, proof and again – proof! Otherwise, it’s a poof!

Every Monday I have a weekly podcast that goes out as Monday’s are the first day of the week that everyone is super focused on finding that new job! So listen to me weekly or read my blog to get the inside secrets, tips and strategies on what you need to know to find a job like a pro!

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