Job Interview Prep

Give yourself a pat on the back – landing an interview is a big deal! Now, it’s time to PREPARE. Here’s an insight into 3 steps to prepare for your job interview.


3 steps to Prepare for your Job Interview

Prepare, prepare and then prepare some more. Don’t be nervous – you don’t have the job, so just relax!

Remember that these people are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles and friends, just like you and me. So visualize this and just take a deep breath and execute!



STEP #1: Research the company thoroughly

  • About Us section from the website
  • Google company’s name to see any recent media coverage or news alters
  • Print out and save in your Notebook to review again on the day of Interview

STEP #2: Research individuals with whom you are meeting

  • Go to LinkedIn and see if you are connected to anyone they are
  • Contact same connections to gain additional insight on individual
  • DO NOT connect with the person you are interviewing
  • Any similarities you share bring up during the interview
  • “I noticed on your LinkedIn that you went to UCLA, I did as well”
  • It created a professional yet personal connection right away

STEP #3: During the Interview, focus on highlighting the duties and responsibilities as they relate to the job at hand, not the job of tomorrow

  • Give your normal daily activity – be specific and use “industry” language, memorize Resume and review bullet points
  • Refer to all the software you use, talk about different funds, month-end closings, department structure, etc.




If you talk about “stories” as it relates to your work, you will see that you will relax and the hiring manager will see that you are indeed qualified. It’s all about taking them through a “story” of a project, workday or deadline you had.

Focus on some challenges you had at your past work and how you overcame it – the positive result at the end. Walk them through this situation. As mentioned above, everyone likes a story and this also shows you know the work.



Job Interview Preparation Secrets


The more they talk, the better the Interview goes!

SECRET #2: Be clear how you have the experience and skills they seek

Not by saying “I can do it” or “I know that” but by citing specific examples and stories about the work you have done.

SECRET #3: Never EVER negate or put down your current or past employers

You don’t know who knows whom and also it just makes you look bad…

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