Are you frustrated in your job? Are you thinking about looking for a job and are afraid to even start? Do you have an old Resume somewhere and the thought of updating it sounds awful and you keep postponing it? Do you just hate your job and wish you could figure out how to get a better job but don’t even know where to start?

Well – guess what!? You’ve come to the right place! My goal is to empower, educate and motivate you on how to improve your life by finding a better job that balance quality of life, career satisfaction and making more money! My eCourse, On Your Marks, Get, Set, HIRED! teaches you everything as well so check it out! www.onyourmarksgetsethired.com

Earlier this year I started sharing my Job Hunting Secrets in a podcast “Find a Job Like a Pro”! This comes to you as an amazing option to learn more from my insider knowledge and long-term expertise!! It’s a great head-start for a successful week where you can hear my job hunting secrets: we’re meeting each Monday, 7AM, EST!

Learn from me, founder of “Wall Street Personnel” a financial services recruitment firm I launched in  2000.  I am truly a job hunting expert, having read hundreds of thousands of Resumes, spoken with tons of job seekers and successfully filled hundreds of amazing job positions! I’m here to share my tips, insights, strategies and insider’s expertise and knowledge of  job hunting! You don’t want to miss this!!

What’s even better: this podcast is covering tons of information not only for those who are actively searching for a new job but also for everyone who wants a salary raise, better position in their current firm or continue to move forward and propel in their career!! This podcast is here to inspire and teach you HOW you can get what you want!!

Listen to the first episode and learn more about me:

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