This week’s podcast is a little bit different because I’m excited to tell you that I have officially launched my eCourse “On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED!” This is a project that I’ve been working on for almost ten years! I first had actual books and CDs but none of those platforms were enough to get out to everyone because of shipping and creation processes. Now with technologies being so incredibly awesome, we were able to create an online eCourse where you get to see me banging on your head, shaking and poking you and sharing with you my insight expertise.

You can also listen to a podcast about it:

Coupon code

First and foremost – my coupon code is “PODCAST”. Use that code as we have allocated around 100 coupon codes for the podcast, for you to get amazing savings on the purchase. There definitely is a sense of urgency as May is just around the corner and it is the busiest month to look for work. That’s why we have timed this release for the peak period of the job market.


About the course

In this eCourse “On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED!” which is also the website, I dissected the entire job hunting process from A to Z. You’ll find 60 videos, 70+ worksheets and I’ve broken it down to 5 modules.

The Resume

The first one is about the Resume – around 13 videos and worksheets plus extra bonus examples where I dissect the entire Resume. The name, the email address, the experience, the education, the licenses, the references, the technology component etc. You have no idea how every tiny detail of the Resume is so important and I break all those details down for you.

The Interview

The next we talk about the Interview and I’ve separated it into two sections. The first section has six very robust Interview tips about how to prepare for a phone and in-person Interview, how to know who you’re meeting with, how to stand out against the other candidates. These are all the insights I’m giving to you. I’m also providing a “Mock Live Interview” where I’m giving 25 Interview questions. It’s just like a real Interview! I’m giving you 25 questions with a slight pause after each of them for you to answer. It’s a great real-life exercise for you to practice with. The second section is where I break down all of those individual questions and explain why they’re being asked and best ways to answer them.

Where Are The Jobs?

Then I have the section called “Where Are The Jobs?” to figure, where can all the jobs be found. Some of the options are obvious, but some aren’t and that is why I talk about that. Those are 4 robust videos and worksheets so definitely check that out!

Application & Background Check

Next up is a very “sticky” part which is the Application and Background Check. There are 7 tips and worksheets where we dissect everything that has to do with Application and Background Check. How to write salary history, what to write in salary expectations, the experience, the references – all of those very important things. Of course, we also talk about Credit, Criminal, Drug Testing, Third Party Verification etc. When you’re dealing with an Application, you’re dealing with a legal document and that is very important.

The Offer & Resignation

Last, we come to the most important part and why you’re doing it – the Offer. Therefore the fifth module is The Offer & Resignation because those things go together. The Offer video is around 25 minutes long because I like to talk a lot and I’m engaging. I know I might seem emotional in those videos and that’s because I know what I’m talking about and I know what the Employers want and how they think. In the Offer video, we talk about all the different components in the Offer – base, bonus, overtime, perks, benefits, pension, 401(k), tuition, relocation etc. After that there’s Resignation – what to do in this “sticky” situation, what to say, when do you resign, when do you start. The Offer and The Resignation is like reaching the very peak of the whole process.

One of kind eCourse

This eCourse with 5 different modules is one of a kind because no one has made anything like this. You might find all kinds of small tips here and there but their source is unknown. Here it’s me! You know me from the podcast, my blog and website, I‘ve run my own recruiting firm for 17+ years, I’ve been interviewed live by Fox Business, I was recently quoted in US News Money section, Chicago Tribune, New York Sun and others. All of that is because I’m an expert in this field and now I’m transferring all that knowledge to you! When you make your purchase, use the coupon code “PODCAST” for a ridiculous discount!

This eCourse is a lifetime warranty! You get the access to this eCourse forever!

The expertise

In my 17 years of experience, I’ve been working with different types of job seekers, dealing with market cycles when the market has been very strong and recruiting when market cycles were terrible. You are looking for a job 4-6 times in your life whereas I’m looking for it all the time. That’s what I do every single day. I’m constantly reading resumes, talking to my clients and professionals that I work with, prepping them on interviewing – that’s what this eCourse is all about! This is me giving you all that knowledge for pennies on a dollar! This is my passion! At the end of the day – this is all about you – your future, career, compensation and most importantly – your happiness!

Share this eCourse with your friends. Again, the first hundred who use the coupon code “PODCAST” get an amazing discount. Visit to sing up using your coupon code. If you’re in the job market right now – the sense of urgency is on you! Don’t waste any more time! Learn how the employer thinks, to take control of your job search and learn to navigate this tough market! All the secrets that I’ve put into this eCourse – the videos, the worksheets, the tips and notes – all of it is unbelievable!

Get that eCourse today and make a difference in your future!

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