Let’s talk about job titles! Do they really matter?

In the Podcast “Find a Job Like a Pro” episode #2 I talk about Job Titles – Do they really matter?!

I know many of you are always think about the job title when you look at job openings online and you see job positions out there. People get really fixated on job titles and it’s so frustrating for me on the inside! That’s why I’m here with you today to share some guidelines to understand the concept of job titles.

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Here’s the deal: job titles really don’t matter!

I always encourage candidates that I work with: don’t get caught up in job titles, focus on position, duties, responsibilities, location, quality of life, compensation. All those things matter more than a job title!

I get it, a job title is an important thing for many. Obviously, if you’ve worked really hard for 20 years and you have an excellent education, the title can be important.

But, for example, just the other day I worked with compliance candidate who has 20+ years of experience working with some serious players on Wall Street and her title is just “analyst” – no VP or SVP or Executive title – just “Analyst.”  Meanwhile, she reviews marketing proposals and deals with the CEO to make sure everything he says is in the compliance. She’s in charge of all marketing proposals and works with their international clients. And so much more! So when you’re looking at that and you see a title of “analyst”, you might get confused. But what’s great – she doesn’t care about her title!

Here’s what she said to me: “Look, Revi, I have no ego so it’s all about the role, duties and companies.”  Wow – I love hearing that because that’s what employers want!” They don’t want somebody who has an ego. Ego gets you in the trouble: professionally, personally, all around! Leave the ego at home. Don’t bring it to work as that will only get you into trouble, stump your growth and mitigate opportunity for better roles and positions.

That candidate was focused on duties, responsibilities, compensation. Title was not important and that said a lot about her as well.


Job Titles = Misleading

Another problem with job titles is that they are so misleading. I once had somebody who had a title of “Vice President” but they really were making 60k a year and what he was doing were normal day to day duties and responsibilities. He got a hefty title yet the title didn’t really fit his role at all. So this was very misleading and actually right away eliminated him from roles that he probably was qualified to do but his title scared many away.

As he submits the Resume, the company will see “Oh, VP! But we’re looking only for 3-4 years of experience…” Here’s what they’ll think: “Although he has this experience, his title is “VP” and our title is “analyst”, and he’s not going to be happy…” Therefore, the company won’t even call you!

I’ve always hated job titles. Look at myself! Am I an entrepreneur? An owner? Founder or CEO? I just stick with the Recruiter, Job Hunting Expert. I do very well, I have a lot of experience but I don’t care about the title!

Don’t look at the title! 

When you look at those job openings out there, don’t look at the title. Look at what you’ll be doing! You’ll be surprised how a lot of firms now try to get away from that. In fact, I have a really big client that I work with in LA and the CEO made an announcement that no one has a title! Everyone there gets hired as an analyst. Even the CEO has a title of Analyst! 

This also shows that they understand how titles can get in the way of you doing a great job or being happy in your career since you’re forgetting what’s it all about! So don’t get caught up in job titles!

Recently I had a client who desperately wanted to have a title “VP of Operations and Client management”. The company has 6 employees and she was really fixated on that title. This already gave us an information about that person (ie: she has ego)…. And that’s where it can get you into trouble! The money was there and she was getting a good 6 figure income, also duties, responsibilities and work environment were there but she was so blinded by the title she wanted that it became a turn-off. Everything lined up but she was so fixated on the job title that the firm decided not to move forward with her.  What a loss for all parties involved!

I understand that those things are important and there is a component of accomplishment and “yes, I made it!” feeling but you can find that within yourself not in the job title. Don’t let your job title hurt your possibility of getting a great position!

Have a focus and find your purpose! Go out there and fight for your position! Do your research, review your Resume and do your homework! Monday morning is the time when everyone gets busy and you should work on your job search. That’s when firms are most focused, most active, people come to work and want to fill in those positions, they want to set up interviews. Monday is always the best time to look for a job!

And don’t forget to look out for “Find a Job Like a Pro”, every Monday morning, 7 AM EST! Also, make sure to check out “On Your Marks… Get Set… HIRED!” course with more than 60 videos and worksheets where I really dissect all these questions and that will help you to get that dream position of yours!!

Have a great week! I’ll see you here again next Monday morning!

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