How to Prepare for In Person Job Interview

You get one time to impress, make it count! The goal is to walk out of the Interview knowing you did the very best you could instead of saying I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve… You control how well YOU do – stop worrying about who else the firm is interviewing and focus on yourself only.


16 Tips to Prepare for In-Person Job Interview

TIP #1: Dress suited, dress conservative, firm handshake when meeting everyone

You only get one shot to make an impression. Make it count!

TIP #2: Bring several copies of your Resume

Make sure those copies are that actual Resume you submitted to that specific job opening

TIP #3: Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the Interview

That means if your Interview is at 4 PM, you are in their reception are at 3:45 PM and you have arrived to the building by 3:30 PM.

TIP #4: Bring a professional notebook to take notes and a working pen

Make sure the pen works before the Interview and not during. Check that a copy of the job description is in your notebook so you can have a quick review prior to the Interview.

TIP #5: Turn cell phone OFF before you even get into the Interview

You are not allowed to then turn it on and check messages or texts. It turns back on only after you are back in your car, bus or out of the office building.

TIP #6: Go in with confidence, but never be cocky

Remember, these people are dads, moms, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends, etc. They are human beings just like you can me. You don’t have the job so why be nervous?

TIP #7: Fill out the application completely

Don’t leave anything empty or write “see Resume”. Separate module for Application to cover this in more detail

TIP #8: Be fully prepared for all Interview Questions

You never want to walk out of an interview wishing you had given a better answer

TIP #9: Don’t say Um, Huh, Like, You Know, etc.

Consider joining a local Toastmasters to eliminate these nervous fillers. I’m not kidding – it’s a life changer and will make you an effective communicator.

Don’t interrupt the interviewer when s/he is speaking.

TIP #10: Remember, the more they talk, the better the Interview goes!

When you interrupt, you are seen as being rude

TIP #11: Practice, Practice and Practice

Can never be too prepared – ever!

TIP #12: If the Interview is one-on-one yet over a 3 hour period

You will find yourself repeating the same information with each new person. Don’t start each new Interview and say, “Well, like I just told…”

TIP #13: If the Interview is a group setting style with several people at once

Make sure to answer everyone in the room, not just the person who asked you the question.

Include everyone all the time when you speak and give eye contact to each person. If person A asks a question, then answer person A but also include everyone else.

TIP #14: Ask each person for their business card

This assures you have the correct spelling for the Thank You note

TIP #15: ZIP THE LIP – the more the employer talks, the better the Interview

Don’t babble and go on and on. The more you talk, the worse the interview goes. The more the employer talks, the better the Interview

TIP #16: Always bring an ID with you for security processing in the main lobby

No ID and you won’t get into the building. If that does happen, make sure to call the Employer to reschedule.



In Person Job Interview Secrets

SECRET #1: Do not ask about vacation, benefits, salary. This is done only at the time of an Offer, or if the HR contact brings it up directly.

SECRET #2: If they ask you about salary expectations – say “I’m negotiable”.

SECRET #3: If they are persistent and want a hard number, then try to keep it generic: “My salary expectations are market competitive, but more importantly is the company, team, department and the position – that is the most valuable component for me.”

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