I have candidates always asking me when is it best to Interview for a Job? Morning, Afternoon, what?

This is what I recommend – do it first thing in the morning – right at 8am or 9am latest. And here’s why:

  1. No one gets distracted with other business matters that can come up during a business day.
  2. The first order of business for that hiring manager is you – as you are meeting him/her right at the beginning of the work day. S/he is fresh and alert and only focused on you.
  3. You personally get to leave home and focus solely on the Interview. It’s very hard to leave work at 12 noon and head to an interview at 2pm. You are not focused and may be distracted. The worst part is that your boss may ask you to cancel your “doctor appointment” to stay to finish your work due to a deadline.  How are you going to handle that pickle?

Job Hunting Tip: Make the Interview time for first thing in the morning.  You can’t go wrong with that!

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