Job Hunting Tip: Interview dress code – what to wear?!

What is an appropriate interview dress code? What should you wear if the invitation says “casual” and what will be good enough to stand out?!

Today my candidate called me and told me he’s going on an interview with my client and he heard the firm is “casual dress code” and he said to me that he was going to just wear jeans and a polo shirt.

Guess what my answer was? NO WAY JOSE! (and no – his name is not Jose but you get the idea).

I don’t care if the company wears shorts and tank tops. Unless the hiring manager of HR clearly states to you that you should come into the Interview in a casual dress code, you always, always and I mean always come in a professional suit attire.

For a man: Slacks, Collared Shirt, Tie, Jacket.

For a woman: Pants or Skirt, Collared Shirt, Jacket.

I would rather you be overdressed and show how important this Interview is than underdress.

It is imperative you always go above and beyond in the Interview process. This is the one time that you have to over deliver and your clothing and presentation attire is one of those areas that you over deliver.

So get that suit dry cleaned and ready to go -as that’s what you are wearing – no ifs, ands or buts!

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Happy Job Hunting!
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