How to Find a Job and Get the Job Done!

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For the last 18 years, I have been running my firm Wall Street Personnel and have worked with the toughest employers out there.

In the last few years, I realized that I needed to do more.



You see as a recruiter I am forced to only work with job seekers that fit the profiles and job descriptions of my clients’ positions – but what happens to the 1000s of other job seekers I cannot help? URGH – so frustrating to me!

I have gained so much experience in the business, that I have become an expert in understanding what drives an employer to hire person A and not person B.

And I want to make sure YOU are always the person A!

So I put together a robust and meaty eCourse that breaks down each part of the job search!  And it’s FREE! Yes – it’s FREE! Use Coupon Code: 100 on the check out portion (after you sign up with the platform) and will show FREE on check out!


After 18 years in the recruitment space and experiencing hiring trends in both “boom and bust” market cycles, and working with the toughest employers out on the street, as a job hunting expert and six figure recruiter, I authored a digital online eCourse entitled: On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED! This course reveals how employers, hiring managers and HR professionals think when it comes to hiring you!


The Resume

13 Videos & Worksheets (Resume Templates, Layouts, Breaking down each aspects of the Resume) (coupon code 100 to get it for FREE)

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Interview Tips

6 Videos & Worksheets (Preparing you for In-Person or Phone Interviews and how to ace the Interview).  Use coupon code 100 to get this for FREE!

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25 Interview Qs & As

25 Videos & Worksheets (Giving you answers to each of these tough Interview Questions on how Employers want to hear it) Use coupon code 100 to get this for FREE!

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Where are the Jobs

4 Videos & Worksheets (Recruiter Secrets on where to find those sought after Jobs). Use coupon code 100 to get this for FREE!

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The Application & Background Check

7 Videos & Worksheets (This can make or break the job so check it out as we go through each part of the Application and Background Check). Use coupon code 100 to get this for FREE!

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Offer & Resignation

2 Videos & Worksheets – (This is what it all comes down to so listen carefully on how to negotiate a salary and how to resign) Use coupon code 100 to get this for FREE!

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Each of these modules covers inside strategies, secrets, tips and techniques on how employers think so now you’ll be better educated and empowered to navigate the challenges of looking for a job!

Get this course TODAY! The sense of urgency is on you as every day new jobs are being posted and if you don’t learn Revi’s insider secrets you’ll probably keep making the same mistakes over and over again. For pennies on the dollar, this eCourse will change the way you look for a job forever!

I usually sell this for a lot of money, but now have decided to give it away for free!


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This eCourse will teach you everything you need to know in how to interview, how to find jobs, how to write resumes that land interviews, how to negotiate salaries, how to quit, what to watch out for in your application and what to disclose and not disclose in your background history.

Use coupon Code: 100 on the checkout – you have to sign up for the course at: On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED! (CLICK HERE) and when you are about to pay just use code 100 on check out and it will show as free!

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