The Best Job Board To Use When Hiring Talent

Revealed by Six Figure Wall Street Recruiter

Need to Hire Fast? Need a Temp? Someone just Quit and you need to Replace your Role ASAP?

Here is The BEST Job Board to Use You Need To Hire Someone Stat!

As the Founder of Wall Street Personnel, and with 18 years of experience, I have seen it all. And with the changes of the online landscape, one thing that has evolved in the last decade is Job Boards.

The problem is – which to use?

The good news, based on my experience and testing of the hundreds of job boards out there, I can say unequivocally there is only ONE job board to use for any and all of your jobs


There is no question in my mind that ZipRecruiter is the most technologically advanced then all other online job boards.

They are fast, furious, robust, efficient, and embrace all current technology resources. They continue to grow and expand and take the world by storm. This is the best resource for your hiring needs. Don’t waste your money on anything else other than ZipRecruiter.


They use an Artificial Intelligence that calculates and records around 150 “actions” a job seeker takes to really understand what that job seeker wants. What the means for you is that when someone applies to your job, it means that person is highly interested and engaged in your role, versus just “thinking” about it or wondering if it’s even a fit. This results in you not wasting your time in reaching out qualified candidate and waiting and waiting for them to call you back. You will see that job seekers with ZipRecruiter have a very high “sense of urgency” and will be highly responsive to you. It’s a win-win for both employer and job seeker. This is the BEST reason right here to use ZipRecruiter. Their AI is at the top of its class for job boards. Bravo to the AI Developers and Data Scientists team (based in Tel Aviv – the “other” Silicon Valley).

This platform makes it so easy to post a job. You can turn it on or off. You can review all the resumes in one place. You can even text the candidates from the desktop. You can email them. Take notes. All right there. You don’t need to have a complicated 3rd party Applicant Tracking System anymore (ATS). ZipRecruiter does it all for you! I have never seen something so easy to use and you can literally learn it in five minutes. Piece of cake. They keep all your jobs in one place, so if in a year you need to post the same job, you just click “PUBLISH” without having to retype the job specs again. They really shave off hours off the recruitment process and make it so easy.



Isn’t that always nice. They give you a few days of free trial to use their platform before you even spend any money. This allows you to make sure this is a good place and it shows that they know they are good. Many other companies don’t allow that anymore – and those that don’t usually are not good job boards. Stay away from those. Check out the FREE TRIAL OFFER HERE.

Their prices are right in line with other job boards so you are paying current market rates, but in my opinion, getting far superior results. And compared to what one placement fee cost, there is no question that using ZipRecruiter Job Posting feature is your best investment on human capital.



The best part of ZipRecruiter is that people who come here are all about looking for jobs. There is no confusion as to what the purpose is of this platform – it brings together job seekers with employers. When you look at LinkedIn, even though they have a job posting feature, the challenge is that LinkedIn is not known for “job posting” – it’s more of a professional networking and community platform for careers and work and businesses. If you post jobs here, what happens is you don’t get “real active job seekers”, as LinkedIn doesn’t attract that. You get instead people that may be curious or want to learn more. But that means you are wasting your time and money to talk to job seekers that quite frankly are happy where they are and are just curious to see what is out there. You have no time for that. You have a job to fill so post it where it makes sense.


ZipRecruiter is my secret weapon I use when we work with clients who spend tens of thousands of dollars on our referrals – and honestly, what we do most of the time, is just post our jobs on ZipRecruiter. With these incredible online resources now available to every single employer who needs to hire someone, at the very least, try ZipRecruiter first. For a few hundred dollars it’s worth the test compared to paying cost prohibitive fees to agencies. You can always use a firm after you have tried to fill a role on your own. And you’ll be surprised how easy it really is!

Save your recruiter placement fees for your next hire, and instead spend pennies on the dollar of the same budget and just post your jobs on ZipRecruiter. I guarantee that not only will you fill your current job opening but you’ll get great referrals that can be easily cross-referenced to any other current roles you have. So now you just filled 2 or 3 other roles with just one posting! ZipRecruiter is tremendous cost savings and a highly successful solution to your hiring needs.


There is no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruiters and agencies. Save that money and put it back to your human capital.

And start posting on ZipRecruiter today!