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Revi Goldwasser launched her recruitment firm, Wall Street Personnel, in 2000.  To date, she has read hundreds of thousands of resumes and worked with thousands of job seekers in all aspects of finding a job.

Revi Goldwasser is a sought after subject matter expert in everything and anything to do with finding a job.  Her expertise and insights on hiring trends, job hunting tips and strategies were quoted in numerous media publications, including Sun Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, NY Sun, Boston.com, as well as being interviewed live on Fox Business News.

Revi Goldwasser is the leading Job Hunting Expert on the street!

As Owner and Recruiter of Wall Street Street Personnel, Revi Goldwasser has inside expertise on what employers want and most importantly, what they don’t want! And now, she shares those highly guarded secrets with you!

Having worked with tens of thousands of job seekers, reading hundreds of thousands of resumes and negotiating your salaries with the toughest employers and hiring managers is what makes Revi Goldwasser an expert in her field! Her knowledge will change the way you look for a job forever.  You can’t afford to not learn from her– you’ll be leaving dollars on the table and losing out on jobs that you don’t even know exist!

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Revi Goldwasser, Job Hunting Expert, will teach you how to find a job and get the job done!

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